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About our team

Niclas Jönsson & Daniel Höglander

Daniel Höglander founded the Michelin restaurant Esperanto back in 2005, he has been competing for the Swedish "kocklandslaget" and worked at top restaurants such as Vassa Eggen and Operakällaren.

Niclas was involved in the succesful restaurant Lux - Dag för dag, which got a Michelin star. He's also worked with Fredsgatan, Bon Lloc and Mattias Dahlgren.

Since 2015 Daniel and Niclas run the restaurant Aloë together in Långbro. The restaurant currently has two Michelin stars.


Vision and Sustainability

How Circularity Fuels Sustainable Innovations in collaboration with Michelin-starred Chefs
A new trendy restaurants green attitude pervades everything from the food to the interior decor.
Swedish food culture is a story of innovation, driven by forward-thinking food creators and chefs who
works in creative, eco-friendly ways. Sustainably sourced food has been a trend for some time, but
we are now seeing a new trend emerge among restaurateurs: Eco-friendly interior design.
Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander, two-star Michelin chefs, wanted something different to go with
their unique Black Milk Sushi restaurant concept. They sought to modernize the typical takeaway
experience, which led to the construction of a space that would complement it while also reminding
consumers of Black Milk Sushi's core values. Thus, the Kelp Chair was born. The chair is 3D printed
using a composition of 50% recycled fishing net and 50% wood fiber and is 3D printed by the patterns
and shapes seen in ocean flora.

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